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Minecraft streamer billzo gets robbed in Miami

Popular Minecraft streamer and content creator billzo recently fell victim to robbery in Florida. The incident occurred when billzo and his friend Freddie were filming a vlog documenting his trip to the US. The duo suffered significant losses and were forced to cut their vlogging trip to the US short due to the incident.

Fellow Minecraft streamer and billzo’s friend Ranboo was one of the other people who was a part of the trip. However, Ranboo was not there with the duo when the robbery occurred. After returning, Ranboo spoke about the incident during his stream to let members of his audience who were unaware of the incident know what happened.

The 17-year-old YouTuber and Twitch streamer posted a video shortly after the incident. The video was uploaded to Twitter and showed billzo explaining the situation while walking alongside his friend, Fred.

He started the video by apologizing multiple times, first for his hair and then for what was to come, saying that the documentation of the America vlog could no longer continue because he and his friend were robbed.

He went on to say that a lot of stuff was stolen from them, including his medical insulin (which he takes due to his diagnosis of diabetes) and Fred’s laptop.

“If anyone sees a small black bag and you live in Miami, it’s got my insulin in it and everything. Also, um… The bandana’s gone. I don’t know if we’re going to replace it or what, but I’ve got no insulin, we’ve got no bandana, Fred’s lost his laptop. Sorry about the vlog again, boys.”

However, one of the most valuable items that was taken was billzo’s bandana. The samurai bandana serves as a trademark for the content creator and is featured in his videos and twitch streams. In the video, billzo was confused about how he would proceed concerning the bandana, and whether they would replace it or do something else.

The incident took place during the final leg of the YouTuber’s America tour, which put a little bit of a damper on the trip. Ranboo spoke fondly about the trip on his livestream, saying that he had a ton of fun, that they did a lot of filming, and shot some great videos.

He mentioned the robbery, saying that “it sucks” that billzo got robbed. He also talked about how he and billzo went to the beach a day before the incident and how they were quite careful with their bags (which was what was stolen from billzo), keeping an eye out.

Many fans and content creators reacted to the situation and reached out to billzo, checking up on him or expressing their shock and disbelief. With a decent following of 576,000 followers on Twitch, billzo has made quite a name. This was evident in the number of people who wrote sympathetic messages on Twitter and other platforms.

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